Located in Cantonment of Lahore at Tufail Road, the first thing that comes to mind would be "Security!". DeSOM Mess is actually a "Restaurant" (In Army Terms a Mess) where Millitary folks whether retired or current; Army, Air Force and Navy; Captain, Major, Lt Colonel and even Generals can come together to enjoy their small talk and reminince their old times in services together. Even Children of these millitary folks can come together to share their own chat. Membership is strictly required so Civilains first need to go through paperwork to reach the dinner table. The Mess is for the Millitary people but food isnt Daal Chawal, dont worry they have a lot of cuisines available. They have:
1) BBQ
2) Chinese Restaurant
3) Continental Restaurant (Serves Italian, French and even Fast Food)
4) Small Cafe (Serves Cold Drinks, Icecream and even burgers)

They have other things in their list:
1) Gym
2) Swimming Pool
3)Tennis Court
5) Outside Theatre
6) Tambola and Bingo Games
The environment is good and healthy, there is a large park to walk in to digest the meal and the open environment gives a feastive aura like an outside picnic. The children will especially enjoy this place because they will have room to run their little feet on. Or you can just have Take Away at your place. Parking Place is Spacious enough and Security well no words to say it.

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Its BBQ is the main attraction which starts in the evening. Its really an enjoyable environment...

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