Nixor College provides a challenging and comprehensive curriculum, a nurturing environment and quality instruction. In conjunction with parents and community, we will develop responsible, respectful, academically sound and confident students who can communicate effectively and function as successful global citizens.

Students most likely to succeed at Nixor College will be the ones whose values are aligned with those of this institution. They should believe in the vision and mission of Nixor College. Personal attributes that will enable them to deliver on the school’s mission include the ability to have big dreams, the passion to overcome adversity in realizing their dreams and the discipline to chisel away at the necessary tasks bit by bit, day by day

Nixor College is a certified A Level school (registration number PK649). It is recognized by the British Council of Pakistan as one of the best A Level colleges in the country because of its comprehensive approach to a high quality educational program. Elements of this program are highlighted below:

Teaching: Nixor College has a policy to engage experienced and qualified teaching talent available for any given subject. Teachers apply their own proven formulae for successful instruction with full support of and minimal interference from Administrative functions. They are free to set their own pace for their respective classes and set tests independent from others in the same department with full responsibility and accountability for the results.

Peer Tutoring: In addition to access to the best teaching resources, students at Nixor College can also get help as required from Teaching Assistants (TAs). Students who excel in a particular science or business subject can apply to work as TAs. TAs are available to help students throughout the week from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Friday for Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts and Economics.

Personal Development Workshops: In August enrolled first-year students attend workshops along with second year students. These include public speaking, interview skills, resume writing, and project management.

The Campus: The Nixor College campus is equipped with air-conditioned classrooms, an auditorium, a library, fully equipped physics, chemistry and biology labs,an outdoor basketball court, a table tennis facility, a cafeteria, a canteen, a college counseling room, a personal counseling space and a teaching assistants' office.

Assessment reports: A comprehensive summary of the students’ on-campus activities are reported to parents at the end of each semester. This assessment report consists of the semester transcript, academic performance matrix, and an extra-curricular activity report. The purpose of this detailed report is to make parents aware of their ward’s activities on campus and also draw their attention o the data contained in the school’s records. This data is fed into the university application process and generates the content for the recommendation that Nixor writes for the student.

Extra Curricular Activities

Sports: All Nixor College students are encouraged to participate in sports. Nixor students compete with other students in a wide array of sports including but not limited to cricket, basketball, football, rowing and swimming. At a recreational level the requirements for participation are minimal and the emphasis is mostly on fun. Each sport is taught by a specialized and often nationally recognized coach.

Nixor Government: Nixor Government is the one of the most active student bodies within Nixor. Some members of government are appointed by the Administration and others are elected by the student body. Comprised of students with unwavering commitment to the Nixor vision, this body functions with a high degree of autonomy with frequent guidance from the Dean, Academic Director, Admin Staff and teachers.

Nixor’s Prefectorial Body: Nixor College does not appoint Prefects. Students are expected to be conscientious citizens of the Nixor community and self-police. Every citizen of the Nixor Community has the authority to enforce the norms, guidelines and rules of the institution. While this may seem Utopian at first, it is a system that has proven to work. A clear understanding of the vision and frequent communication to the students about Nixor norms is what makes this approach possible.

Nixor Corporate: Nixor Corporate is the name of a program that bridges the gap between a purely academic experience and skills necessary for success in the corporate world. The program closely mirrors the interaction of corporate entities and the roles and responsibilities of executives. Students are appointed as executives after an intensive screening process which requires a resume, cover letter and interviews with the Board of Directors.

Debate and Societies: Under the guidance of a young and talented coach, students compete in nationwide debate competitions such as LUMUN, the model UN debate competition held yearly at LUMS. Nixor encourages and supports culture and the arts with groups such as the culinary society and dramatics.


College Counseling: Each student is assigned a counselor who guides them by identifying suitable career options, fields of study (majors & minors), region of study, choice of university and supports them to complete personal statements and the mechanics of the application process.

Academic Counseling: Academic rigor is baked into Nixor’s policies from the outset. With minimum mandatory attendance requirements and high standards of participation and effort, Nixor encourages and supports students to achieve their personal best. Academic counselors at Nixor support students to make the course selection that is right for them and encourage consistent attendance and participation throughout the academic year.

Personal Counseling: The transition from O Levels to A Levels can prove to be challenging for some students. Personal difficulties can often reduce a student's ability to concentrate, stay motivated and achieve their personal best. Students can set up sessions with a trained counselor on the Nixor College staff for help with such issues. The administration also proactively identifies students who could benefit from personal counseling in a confidential setting by monitoring the students’ academic and social progress.

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