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Hidhydians De Gravity Golden Fried Burgers with Free Refill

Amazing duo of golden fried burgers of just Rs.850
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Voice X5 Octa Core at United Mobiles
United Mobile
Available with One Year Warranty. Price: Rs.39000
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M.Com Admissions at University of Central Punjab (UCP) Lahore
University of Central Punjab
Admissions are open for 2 year program in Lahore and other cities (Under Associate Degree Program).
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Crocs Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer at Dolmen
Crocs Sale Starts Today at Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi.

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Adeel.Khan's picture
Ordered thin crust pizza for the very first time from hydri branch but my experience was bad. I guess they haven’t into thin crust specialty except for what they say!!Delivery was on time but the pizza wasn’t good. I wasted my money for such a dry pizza (crust was looking worse) Also they haven’t pizza sauce on it. Must say Dominos and 14th Street Pizza would be much better options to go for.
Posted by Adeel.Khan
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nabeela.square63's picture
Sublime brand isn’t much into sales or bringing into new seasonal collections (I am talking about summer lawns or winter khaddi sort of fabric). Mostly they have formal wear for an occasion as whenever I visit their studio at MM Alam, they have embellished drapes and silk jumpsuits or flowy sleeveless tops with brooches. I liked purple brooch silk outfit but it was of Rs.15000. Can’t believe there wasn’t any embroidery just a small brooch on the shoulder line. Thank God there is a sale running up to 50%, so I will definitely visit and purchase that one (if it will be still on the rack)
Posted by nabeela.square63
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Mudassar.Jamshed's picture
Attended wedding of my friend at Royal Rodale Club. Banquet décor was too good and must say inviting. Ideally such events are managed in Royal Rodale Hall1 where almost 400 guests can be compensated as I was asking from their manager. Unlike many places, food was fresh and tastes good not like traditional wedding halls where it seems you have wasted your money..
Posted by Mudassar.Jamshed
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Tania.Zaidi's picture
I arranged a *Frozen themed birthday for my daughter so it seems obvious to have cake with Elsa and Disney snowman Olaf. Little kids got enthralled when I bought the cake on table. Hats Off to The Cakery Karachi which offers all sorts of customized cakes or can even suggest. Dutch chocolate brownies and cupcakes were yummy too.
Posted by Tania.Zaidi
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admin's picture
Tried the new Bagel bar on MM Alam road today. The filling inside the Bagels tasted really good however the Bagel itself was a bit harder than I expected otherwise it was a really good light meal
Posted by admin
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